Windows 10 is one of the most modern and efficient versions of Microsoft’s operating system par excellence. It is the layer with which the user can interact with the PC, of ​​all that ecosystem developed by the American company for years to make operating a computer much easier, as it is also taking advantage of all its capabilities.


With this edition released in July 2015 in different versions, Microsoft took another step forward to improve the performance of its most trusted operating system. A better use of resources, compatibility with new software and libraries and a set of functions also aimed at improving operation on mobile devices.


Millions of users today have a Windows 10 license, although some have not yet enabled its installation, preventing them from enjoying this operating system to the fullest. If you don’t know how to activate Windows 10, this step-by-step guide is for you. We will explain in this tutorial what you have to do.


Why should you activate Windows 10?


Microsoft notified that Windows 10 is “the latest version of Windows” and they explained that they will focus on developing new and powerful features under the “disguise” of software updates rather than building a new version of the operating system.


This means that there will be no Windows 11 or 12 in the future, so it would be a good idea to activate your Windows 10 license to always keep it updated and enjoy it completely.


Activate Windows 10 with a product key


You can validate your Windows 10 with a product key, which is a 25-digit code to activate your license. Its format is as follows: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. These can be obtained easily and for free on the internet.


Getting a valid Windows 10 key for our version of the operating system is our first step.


To check which version of Windows you have, you can do it by right-clicking on the Windows Start icon and selecting the System option. In Windows specifications, your version of Windows 10 should be displayed, but in this case, we will provide two keys for the Professional version:











Access to the Start Menu and type “Command” in the search text box, this will automatically show the search results among which you will find the desktop application “Command Prompt”. In this result, you must right click, followed by this, select the option Run as Administrator


With the product key chosen and the command prompt open, you must enter the following combination of commands:


slmgr /ipk XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (here goes the product key)

slmgr /skms (if it does not work, you must replace it with

slmgr /ato


When you have entered the three commands, you will see three different windows that will indicate the activation status of Windows, you just have to wait a few moments.


Once you have finished, you will close the window and your Windows 10 will be automatically activated. In case you want to check it, you can open the previous System window or use the Control Panel.