Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Design
(1 Year)


Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Design (1 Year)

JD Vocational Training Centre V020297 [JD Educational Trust] is affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education for one year in Garment Manufacturing & Fashion Design.


The one year programme in Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design aims to train and sharpen the skills of the aspiring designers to provide design to the garment industry. It is helpful for those who want to set foot in fashion industry by learning clothing science, in-depth knowledge of costumes and fashion design theory.

Course Overview:

  • The program deals with the basic development of students’ artistic, technical, theoretical and reflective skills that better prepare them to face the rigors of the competitive professional life.
  • The students will be able to extend his/her abilities beyond the fundamentals of design and creation.
  • The module offers an in-depth, practice-centric, progressive system that starts with a foundation program comprising such varied specialties as pattern making, garment construction, draping, grading, illustration, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

The course emphasis on practical industry oriented training. The intensive design and technical program emphasizes on the detail knowledge of the subject backed by research and thematic working. The basics of all the subjects are imparted as compulsory training to enable a student to be at ease in all the departments of the industry; whereas the specialization is offered in the area of interest.

Career Opportunities:

The one year in Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design from Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education, provides a lot of opportunity for the aspirants to make a mark in the fashion world, where you can have your own boutique, designing & stitching of various garments for garment industry.

Course Curriculum:

The one year programme is divided into six modules as below:

First Module:
BASIC OF SEWING – 41020411

  • General Theory of pattern drafting
  • Tools and equipment used in pattern making
  • Measurements and patterns
  • Blocks and pattern drafting
  • Grading
  • Drafting patterns for clients
  • Draping

 Second Module:

  • General Theory
  • Fashion Industry language Guide
  • Textiles
  • Fabric Selection
  • Basic principles of fashion
  • Computer aided application in fashion and apparel designing
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Fashion forecasting
  • Time management
  • Fashion designer’s strategies for success
  • Presenting yourself

Third Module:

  • Ancient Western costume for male and female
  • Ancient Indian costume for male and female
  • Traditional costume of India in different states
  • Dance costume of different Indian dance style
  • Tribal costume of different Indian tribes
  • Sari draping & designing

Fourth Module:

  • Designing Principles
  • Figure analysis
  • Understanding basic silhouettes
  • Textures and prints
  • Sketching Accessories and surface decoration
  • Color theory
  • Sketching of garment and garment details
  • Theme Portfolio

Fifth Module:

  • Designing principles for kids garment
  • Kids figure and behavior analysis
  • Color exercise/ selection for kids garments
  • Textures and prints
  • Sketching kids accessories and surface decoration
  • Sketching of kids garment

Sixth Module:

  • Sewing Machine Theory
  • Tools and equipment used in garment construction
  • Principles of garment making
  • Stitching methods and application
  • Surface ornamentation techniques
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